Y Type Sanitary Globe Valve quotation Who We Are Klintec, a subsidiary of GAEPP, is an advanced enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of stainless steel sanitary valves and pipe fittings. It has decades of manufacturing and sales experience in industrial and sanitary valves and fittings, manufacture and supply the most extensive line of stainless steel sanitary valves, fittings, tubings, and pumps. We are highly dedicated to enhancing the value and performance of our great products and services to meet the requirements of the ever-changing consumer market. Providing the best quality products and services is our commitment to customers. Our Products As a global manufacturer of sanitary valves, we are committed to the development and improvement of sanitary equipment in the food, beverage, wine and biopharmaceutical industries. Klintec has been focusing on designing and manufacturing a wide range of sanitary ball valves, sanitary butterfly valves, sanitary diaphragm valves, sanitary check valves, sanitary plug valves, sanitary pumps, sanitary filters, sanitary traps, sanitary safety Valves, sanitary pressure reducing valves, sanitary reversing valves, sanitary tanks, sight glasses, sampling valves and other piping accessories. The products manufactured by Klintec have reached the international leading level and comply with a series of international standards and specifications such as ASME BPE, EHEDG, FDA, and 3A. Our professional services can solve all the troubles of customers. Venue and Equipment Klintec has more than 500,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities and more than 200 employees. We have a strong R&D team, complete production equipment, rigorous quality inspection, dust-free storage and logistics management. Make sure that every valve delivered to the customer complying with the most severe technical and contractual requirements. "Connect with the world" is our company's lifelong goal for all employees. Quality Assurance Manufacturing in strict accordance with standards and customer needs: Klintec has been audited and certified to meet all the requirements of ISO 9001, CE, FDA, and TUV. Our experienced engineers work closely with each customer to find the best solution. Professional Inspection Team All products undergo rigorous testing before dispatch to ensure that all products are running well. Visually inspect appearance and surface quality; PMI test to verify metal element ratio. Our continuous technological innovation combined with strict quality control system enables us to provide high-performance products in sanitary applications. We are committed to improving the performance and value of our products, services and solutions to meet your changing needs.Y Type Sanitary Globe Valve quotation website:http://www.klintecvalve.com/