Super shiny gold labels with a fairly strong adhesive when applied to smooth surfaces. Not recommended for dark surfaces, these look far better on metallic and white off-white containers. The removability of stickers depends on the material chosen. Our reusable stickers are designed to be removable without leaving behind any adhesive residue.

They are made from polypropylene and are therefore very hardy. And since they will last so long, they will not need to be replaced so often - meaning there is a lighter environmental footprint. All stickers are produced without solvents and toxic materials. That means that our stickers are completely safe when used with food or drinks. Our large address labels in 60x26mm are for you, if you are looking for a sticker with room for more information / larger text than the traditional address stickers.

Order custom stickers & labels, in     ANY shape and size, with Xeikon powered sticker printing for UK-leading quality. Plus there's FREE next-day delivery after dispatch available, prices from only    £5.85, and our guarantee to beat any like-for-like quote for printed stickers and labels. When you order with us, you have the flexibility to choose between individual die-cut stickers or sheets of labels for your custom designs. Individual die-cut stickers are perfect for unique, standalone designs, offering precise cuts around your artwork.

At the turn of the century stickers were well established as a common component of the advertising world. In the early 1900s, a sticker paste was invented that could be applied and then dried. Historians have identified a type of sticker that was used in ancient Egypt to promote daily market rates. Archaeologists have recovered items at Egyptian digging sites that appear to be pricing and/or product descriptions sealed to walls of old cities. These artifacts are thought to have been made on a form of early paper, which was written on and then affixed to the walls of assorted market places throughout the land.

The low minimum order value also means that you don’t have to order thousands which may prove too expensive. Instead, just order what you need with any quantity large or small. If you have specific questions about setting up your design, our Personal Artworkers are happy to walk you through this - get in touch with them here .

Water-based adhesives are used when the solvent adhesive might eat into the surface making the product compromised, such as Hard Hat stickers which require water-based adhesive. Our paper labels come in set shapes and sizes, however our vinyl range can be cut to any shape or size. Our most popular and cheapest labels, great for general purpose product label printing. Our custom sticker printing offers variety, quality, customization and support to help you achieve your goals. Experience the difference that custom stickers can make and let us help you bring your vision to life. It might seem obvious, but one of the key parts of any label is its adhesive.

Tobacco companies had label been producing series of collectable cards on various themes for a century, but Panini were the first company to sell packs of them as stand-alone items. Their glued stickers featuring sportsmen encouraged people to collect the whole set into an album. More recently, the invention of the inkjet desktop printer has brought them into the home, and digital printing has made ordering and printing them cheap and fast. They are now a part of everyday life, from the labels on food and postage addresses to fun stickers for kids and nametags for events.