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Driving school, what does it give?
To acquire rights or not? Getting a driver's license at a driving school will not come out quickly, it may take a lot of time and material expenses for you. No one will explain more information on the doctrine to you, in case you miss it at least once. It will be necessary for you to understand the material yourself, and believe me, this is not elementary, as it seems. A regular visit to a driving school has the opportunity to drag on for six months and longer. Plus auxiliary driving lessons, plus the fee for the study itself, plus the loss of traffic movements, in fact, which is also not cheap nowadays. So it turns out, in fact, that the rights For you will turn out not in 15,000, as it is written on the website, but in all 50,000. The driving hours themselves take about 40 hours, they are included in the study fee.
Driving lessons, which the driving school invites, are not enough, and auxiliary classes cost from 400 rubles. and higher. So count how much money it will take to study at a driving school. If you do not pass the exams on doctrine or driving in the traffic police, then you start all over again, but only for a separate payment. For example, we do not forget about the state duty fee, which you will pay any time you try to give another test to the traffic police. We recommend that you purchase a driver's license legally without wasting your nerves, time and money.
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Have you been deprived of your driver's license or have you lost it?
Actually, what should I do? The lost rights will need to be restored for a minimum of 2 months, and this is in the best case. There are endless queues at the traffic police, and you don't know how many more people you will need to go there, and how much to spend your own valuable time and nerves. Again, in a similar story, the acquisition of rights is the most frisky method of concluding difficulties.
If you are deprived, then you will be able to try to protest the deprivation of rights through the Court, but it is not easy to arrange this, including according to the law, and how much red tape, currency costs and expectations shine. Including good legal advisers have every chance only to reduce the term of deprivation of rights for a shorter period, but it is unlikely that you will be able to fully renew your rights. And this is provided, in fact, that in your case the situation was ambiguous. If you are entirely the culprit of the accident, then it is possible to leave the rights for an indefinite period.
If you are looking for a way out of a dead-end story and have decided to purchase a certificate, then you are moving in the right direction. To acquire a license is the best method that allows you to sit behind the wheel of your beloved car for 2-3 days.
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