About Down Proof Lining Fabric

Down comforters, pillows, featherbeds; any article of bedding or clothing that is filled with down or feathers, requires a special fabric, a "Down Proof" fabric, sometimes referred to as "Ticking", that will help prevent the down and feathers from leaking.

Proof fabrics that are filled with feathers or a blend of feathers and down need to be heavier and stronger than a fabric that is filled with only down. These heavier fabrics will also tend to be stiffer, and not as soft as a fabric that can be filled with just down, and no feathers.

An unbroken down cluster is a relatively large 3-dimensional structure that will not leak through the fabric. It is the tiny pieces of broken down clusters, known as "fiber", and feathers with their sharp pointy ends that will inexorably work their way through the fabric and into your space.

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