With the COVID-19 crisis fading for many of us at long last, it’s safe to say that dinner parties are making a comeback. If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s about just how precious time spent with loved ones can be. 

Dinner parties can make for a great night to remember, even if they’re relaxed events! So, if you are looking to host the ultimate at-home dinner party in London – or anywhere in the world! – consider the following tips.

  • Consider dinner party catering 

The food itself will of course be the star of the dinner party, so rather than run the risk of ruining the meal or worse, your outfit, why not consider requesting a professional London dinner party catering service? 

If that feels a little too much like cheating, take a look at some dessert recipes like these gingerbread cupcakes to provide your guests with some homemade warmth and spice. 

  • Pick a theme 

Having a theme can make the party extra fun and can help to keep yourself focused when planning what to feed your guests and how to decorate your place. This duck and spiced plum autumn salad is ideal for a neutral theme. Foraged and wild foods like these are sure to be a hit with the cool and calm aesthetic!  

  • Contemplate the ambience 

A perfect complement to London dinner party catering is a carefully thought-out ambiance. Yellow toned lights in particular are perfect for adding warmth to a space without overwhelming your guests or making the space look cluttered. 

Similarly, candles can add much to the atmosphere – but remember not to use too many, or you risk taking away from the scent and taste of the dinner itself. 

  • Think carefully about your drink pairings 

While many people are now sacrificing alcohol and choosing healthier options, there are still tons of great drink ideas that don’t involve alcohol. 

For those organising a dinner party who are not looking to drink alcohol, something as simple as water served with ice and fruit can be popular with guests. Alternatively, kombucha is a tasty and healthy alternative to wine or beer. 

London dinner party catering by Sophie Wright

Are you interested in finding out more about what a professional London dinner party catering service can do for you and your next party? 

If so, take a look at these sample menus, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sophie Wright Catering on 020 7924 6868 for more information, bookings, and availability.