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Feel the spirit of adventure, risk and big loot. Sign up on a pirate ship and go out into the world in search of new lands. It doesn't matter if you are working at the moment or if the children are sleeping in the next room. Leave the problems behind and become a pirate using your phone or laptop. Pirate stories don't always end well, so do it in entertainment mode to get back to the safe haven in time.
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Legend of the Sea tells the story of two real pirates. Henry Morgan and Anne Bonney are real people who once sailed the seas and oceans and robbed ships filled to the brim with gold. Join their company, you will definitely hear a lot of stories from them.
The game screen is divided into five reels of three in a row. The symbols show wins on 10 paylines. The symbols should be placed from left to right. Two icons of the "Sea Legend", a ship, a globe and a telescope are enough to win minimal awards. For a bigger reward, there must be at least three card symbols.
As a real pirate who has entered a Casino in Canada, you know the value of the loot and determine the value of the coin and the size of the bet yourself before winning your new slot machine. You need to prepare well for the trip. You will find a ship, a globe and two sabres, a telescope and a map on the rotating reels. The other symbols are the card 10, J, Q, K and As. "The Legend of the Sea" is an icon depicting two sabers with a skull. Five of these icons will bring you 5,000 gold coins, which will be the biggest win.
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During pirate feasts on long sea expeditions or in a port tavern, you will be invited to an additional game. You can play for the newly obtained treasures. If you take advantage of this offer, you will play a simple card game. You will see the card face down and you will need to choose its color. The player's choice can lead to a doubling of your last win. Remember that you can sink, as well as find several sunken ships.