So, it’s finally happening; we are rapidly approaching the time of year when you may be looking to make serious use of your home swimming pool. Indeed, by the time you read this, you might have taken a dip or several already. 

One thing that pool owners should never overlook, however, is the importance of suitably sophisticated, well-designed, and durable swimming pool covers, such as our own solar covers

Solar covers differ from other types of swimming pool cover such as winter pool covers, in that they exist to help keep the pool water temperature high, at the same time as minimising heat loss arising from evaporation. 

However, even if you are in the market for this type of swimming pool cover, there might be certain things you don’t know about our own extensive range of solar covers. So, let’s take you through some of those things. 

Almost whatever the size and shape, we can provide it 

Making sure these fundamental aspects of your solar cover are right, will naturally be one of your uppermost priorities when you are shopping for one. 

Sure enough, our broad range of standard sizes and a made-to-measure service will help ensure you benefit from a cover that fits perfectly on your pool. Popular shapes in which we can supply solar swimming pool covers include – but are not limited to – rectangle, rectangle and Roman end, oval, and kidney. 

We offer many different options for solar cover material 

Not all swimming pool covers are made the same, although when you purchase your next solar cover, you can expect a certain strong baseline of quality, regardless of the specific material you choose. 

Those available materials range from the Blue 400-micron GeoBubble that represents an excellent-value option for a basic solar cover, right through to the Platinum+ 500-micron GeoBubble. The latter is the best all-round cover material that we offer, and provides especially impressive ultraviolet (UV) protection. 

All our solar covers are manufactured in-house 

Furthermore, top-grade UK materials are used in their manufacture. So, when you turn to Pool Warehouse for a solar cover, you can also be sure that you are genuinely supporting the best of British. 

Every cover comes with a manufacturer’s pro-rata warranty 

The warranty that accompanies your solar cover from us will protect you against manufacturing defects. The length of the warranty will depend on the cover material, but can be as long as six years in the case of our highest-grade solar covers. 

We can despatch them sooner than you might think 

This is something that we would urge you to be vigilant about, given that there is only so much even a specialist store like ours can do to guarantee supply. 

Nonetheless, depending on the solar cover you have your eye on, it might be available in our stock for despatch as quickly as the next working day. Indeed, this tends to be the case for our standard-size solar swimming pool covers; for more specific options such as our made-to-measure covers, you might need to wait a number of working days for despatch. 

The situation is liable to change over time. So, we would always urge you to check our website, and potentially contact us, in order to find out the latest information. 

There you go – five things that you might not have been aware of when it comes to our solar swimming pool covers. We are also proud to offer the fastest service as far as the delivery of solar covers is concerned, which is just one more reason to place your trust in Pool Warehouse when you are on the lookout for all manner of swimming pool essentials.