Custom Kiddie Ride Description Of Products Welcome to the Meshalook, Amusement park battery car is a new & popular material cause its soft texture and smooth surface, so children can play in the park with ease. If you want to increase the amusement park revenue, the battery car you need to own it. As it be love by the adult kids with its cute appearance & amusing. Contact us to get more information. The Amusement park battery car Features: 1.Environmental protection, close to children's skin; 2.The appearance is exquisite, the style is diverse; 3.Rechargeable battery, long battery life. 4.Easy operation, safety. Applicable Places: Outdoor plazas, tourist attractions, theme parks, urban shopping malls, commercial pedestrian streets, Center锛孠id Theme Parks,锛孉musement Parks, home, Outdoor Playground锛孖ndoor Playground. Machine Name锛欰musement park battery car Product Details Model锛?/p>MSL2-010 Material:TPU Power:350W Torque:17NXM Battery:Include 2pcs:32A battery, can take apart Seat:total can bear 150KG, Adult & kids can ride together Size:1350*600*850 Meshalook Entertainment is committed to giving you a childhood dream.Custom Kiddie Ride website: